Micon THATCHSAYF is an environmentally safe and effective fire retardant coating for the fire protection of thatched roofs. Spray work is undertaken by Micon’s approved and trained applicators to ensure that correct pressure and minimum quantity of 1,3 litres per m2 is applied to both the interior and exterior of the roof

As the application of THATCHSAYF is to provide vital protection in the event of a fire, Micon offers a certificate for each contract. The homeowner, architect, developer, or building control officer can request this document that certifies supply of the product on site. The applicator also signs that the product has been correctly applied in accordance with the manufactures instructions
On exposure to heat the first stage of protection occurs when intumescent component of the formulae foams and forms an insulating char on the surface limiting the heat flow and supply the of oxygen which supports combustion. The second stage of protection occurs when the fire retardant chemicals react with the cellulose and charring takes place, again having the effect of limiting the flow of oxygen.

Micon THATCHSAYF does not change the natural appearance of the thatch and improves compaction without hindering its ability to breathe.

Thatched Roof Fires Protected by Micon Thatchsayf

Thatched Roofs Saved by Micon Thatchsayf and Thatchbor FR