Micon Thatchbor is a dual-purpose aqueous chemical system, which contains phosphate based fire-retardants and borate-based preservatives. Micon THATCHBOR FR provides permanent and wide spectrum protection against biological attack and imparts the highest possible degree of fire retardation for thatched roofing.

It is crucial that the thatch roof construction complies with the C.S.I.R or equivalents, “Guidelines to good thatching practice”, as fire performance is also dependant on the construction of the roof.

Micon Thatchbor is a once off pressure impregnation process that ensures full protection throughout the full depth of the thatch roof. An innovative aspect of the product is the treatment process. The natural wax layer on the surface of the grass/reed prevents absorption of chemical products into the stem. The chemical composition of Micon THATCHBOR FR has been specially developed for impregnation, which facilitates penetration right to the heart of the grass stem thus providing full treatment of the grass/reed.

Micon THATCHBOR FR is the perfect partner for FLAMBOR. The two products providing the perfect protective combination thatch and timber structures.


Thatched Roof Fires Protected with Micon Thatchbor

Thatched Roofs Saved by Micon Thatchsayf and Thatchbor FR