Micon INTUSAYF intumescent is a specialized coating for the fire protection of structural steel and other substrates. INTUSAYF provides fire resistance to structural steel when applied in accordance with predetermined dry film thickness. INTUSAYF can also be applied to combustible materials such as electrical cables, P.V.C pipes, and timber to enhance the fire resistance by the limiting spread of flame.

Micon INTUSAYF can be applied either by brush, roller, or airless spray to most surfaces free from dust, oil, grease, and dirt. It is essential that a Micon base coat is applied to the steel section prior to the application of Micon INTUSAYF and finished with a protective Micon TOPCOAT.

At temperatures in excess of 200ÂșC, Micon INTUSAYF first softens and then expands up to 40 times its applied thickness to form an insulated foamed carbonized char that reduces the rate of temperature increase and hence prolongs the substrates load bearing capabilities. Toxic gas emissions are negligible, water resistance good and char stability excellent.