FLAMBOR is a dual-purpose aqueous chemical system that contains both a borate-based wood preservative (TOPRO 94) and a phosphate-based fire retardant (FYRCON) for timber treatment. FLAMBOR provides permanent and wide spectrum protection against biological attack and a high degree of fire retardation to the treated timber.

FLAMBOR is unique in the sense that it provides both fire retardant and wood preservative
properties to timber during a single application process and makes it a simple and economic way of treating timber to afford permanent protection against both fire and biological degradation.

Timber must be pressure impregnated with FLAMBOR to ensure that adequate penetration and retention levels of the active ingredients are achieved.

The chemical composition of FLAMBOR allows for easier penetration of the active ingredients into wood. Lower impregnation pressures and faster production turn-around times are therefore possible without sacrificing retention and penetration requirements. Even timber at relatively high moisture contents can be treated effectively.

Freshly cut timber can generally be treated with FLAMBOR within two weeks of normal air-drying. This means a significant reduction in the air drying time normally required before impregnation with most other wood preservatives.