Flamsayf 325

Micon FLAMSAYF 325 is a fire retardant mastic (coating) with excellent insulating properties designed to stop fire propagation along electrical cables. Micon FLAMSAYF 325 is also used in the construction of passive fire protection of cable/service penetration seals to prevent the spread of flame and toxic gases through service openings to be used in conjunction with Mineral Wool Boards.

FLAMSAYF 325 mastic can be effectively applied by trowel, brush or hand to the surface of P.V.C armoured cables to a minimum thickness of 3mm to provide suitable protection.

FLAMSAYF 325 seals can be easily installed to allow flexibility in design for the addition of cabling or services to be installed at a later stage. This seal comprises of 100mm high-density mineral wool board, which is a non-combustible material easily compressed into difficult openings, coated on both sides with a 3mm trowelled on layer of FLAMSAYF 325.

Any cables penetrating the seal are similarly coated for a distance of 500mm of either side of the seal.

All surfaces to be protected with FLAMSAYF 325 must be free from dust,dirt, grease, rust, grime, and loose paint.

Apply 1 coat of Micon Intuprime to electrical cables @ 6m2 per L
Apply 1-2 coats Micon Flamsayf 325 to a dft of 1.6mm
Apply 1 coat of Micon Bondcryl @ 6m2 per L when used in exterior applications.

When used as a cable protection system, Micon FLAMSAYF 325 forms a protective insulating char on exposure to heat with zero spread of flame and low toxic gas emissions. On exposure to fire the FLAMSAYF 325 seal retains its integrity, prevents smoke leakage and limits transfer of heat along cables through the seal well within the test requirements.

Micon Flamsayf 325 is used extensively in the mining, industrial and construction sectors.